Expand Your Skills with Codecademy’s Free HTML and CSS Courses

Codecademy is an interactive, fun way for beginners to learn how to code. It allows you to track your progress as well as your friends’ progress so that you can motivate each other to learn faster.


Codecademy currently offers four main tracks for learning:

  • JavaScript Fundamentals – This introductory course to JavaScript gets you started with programming basics, JavaScript apps and building games.
  • Web Fundamentals – This course teaches you how to build websites with HTML and CSS.
  • jQuery – The jQuery course covers DOM manipulation, event handling and animation creation.
  • Code Year – The code year course gives you a basic tour of building interactive websites with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Put yourself through a few of these courses and you’ll be building great websites, games, and apps in no time! Getting a few extra skills under your belt will also help you when working with WordPress plugins and themes. Sign up at Codecademy to get started today.