7 бесплатных плагинов WordPress для организации интернет-магазина на WordPress

With more and more people relying on the Internet to buy things, there is a considerable boom in e-commerce ventures. With big names such as Amazon and eBay already doing great business, the internet has evolved to become a great platform for product and business exposure. With the help of WordPress and various plugins available, you can create an e-commerce site for your business quite easily.


The following are some of the best (free) WordPress plugins for an e-commerce site.

Cart66 Lite

Cart66 lite is an e-commerce plugin for your WordPress blog. Unlike other e-commerce plugins, it is quite light yet powerful. You can easily sell digital as well as physical products with it. With multiple shipping and currency options, it can also help you can give your business an international edge. You can easily place ads in any page and also use affiliate marketing for more profit.

Download plugin | Visit Cart66 lite website


EShop Plugin

eShop is an easily accessible WordPress plugin. It has simple controls and provides various methods for listing products. Adding products and customizing settings is easy on eshop. Also it has a simple interface for quick browsing and purchase. It also provides multiple merchant payment gateways, statistics for purchase, multiple shipping options (including by weight) etc.

Download plugin | Visit eShop website


Jigoshop WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Jigoshop provides many features which are essential to host an e-commerce website. It will take only minutes to create your full-fledged online shop with various Jigoshop products and services. You can group your products and provide various attributes for your products, (like S, M, L sizes for clothing) to help your visitors easily refine the items as per their needs.

Download plugin | Visit Jigoshop website


Woocommerce Plugin

The Woocommerce plugin comes from the developers of the famous Woothemes. This Woocommerce plugin promises to provide powerful e-commerce facilities as well as elegance. It provides a whole lot of features including a dashboard widget so that you can easily check the progress of your online businesses. It is highly customizable and comes with multiple payment options including Paypal, Cheque, Cash on delivery and many more options. Also you can add multiple extensions to the plugin from a wide range of Woocommerce extensions.

Download plugin | Visit Woocommerce website


WP E-Commerce Plugin

With over 1.5 million downloads, WP e-commerce is the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin in the market now. It is easy to install and can be easily used with any WordPress theme. It provides a wide range of payment options including Manual (cheques), PayPal etc. It is highly customizable and you can easily change the look and modify the templates to your convenience.

Download plugin | Visit WP e-Commerce website


Quick Shop Plugin

Quick Shop adds a sidebar which displays the visitor’s shopping cart along the page. Quick Shop supports built-in Paypal and Email functionality. It also provides the option to add products to your pages with a TinyMCE button. Visitors can also remove any item from their shopping cart.

Download plugin | Visit Quick Shop website


YAK Shopping Cart Plugin

The YAK shopping cart plugin associates your products with weblog entries and hence your post ID becomes your product code. You can easily categorize the products and configure settings for the shopping cart. It provides custom payment options like cheques, credit cards, paypal and various other payment gateways. You can configure the shipping option based on weight or a flat rate.

Download plugin | Visit YAK website


Editor’s note:
This is a guest contribution by Divya Rawat. Divya is a part time blogger and content writer for SEO firm Inetzeal.com.